April 15, 2014

The battle of the cleansers: Manufaktura VS Simple

Moving house isn't easy. You find yourself surrounded by boxes, chaos and clothes that you didn't even think you owned. Even worse if you have a memory of a goldfish like myself, it becomes a real nightmare experience trying to figure out where everything is.
However, trying to see the glass half full, there are some positive notes about the whole moving process: the moment where you are packing all your stuff and you come to terms with what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

While I was packing up my beauty stash, I realised that cleansing is most definitely the most important part of my beauty routine.
So, I thought to myself why not compare the cleansers I have been using recently so to give you guys some suggestions for new products to try?

Yes ladies and gents, in my beauty stash: I have a cleansing foam, a cleansing gel, cleansing water, cleansing milk and cleansing wipes...nooooo jokes!!

So which one comes at the top of my list?

1) In 1st place is the "100 % Sensitive Face Care Cleansing milk" by Manufaktura.
I've discovered this natural brand in my latest trip to Prague (you can read more about it here) and I absolutely LOVE this product. It has a lovely light texture, it's super effective (it removes all my make-up off) and it leaves my face nice and hydrated and doesn't make me break out. Top product!

2) In 2nd place it's the well known and much loved "Micelle solution for sensitive skin" by Bioderma. It's a great cleansing water, light and not too greasy, it removes most of my make-up and leaves my skin feeling clean and not tight at all.

3) In 3rd place it's the "Sandalwood and Neroli pure facial cleansing gel" by Akin. This has a very nice consistency and most of the time I like using it in the shower like a face wash (mostly when I'm lazy and I want to kill two bird with one stone). I really like the fragrance of this gel and it leaves my face feeling cleansed and nourished.

4) In 4th place it's the "Foaming cleanser" by U little beauty. Despite the fact I really like this cleanser and it leaves my face feeling squeaky clean, it only comes 4th because it's not as effective as the rest of the cleansers mentioned above. (For a more indepth review of this product please read here).

5) In 5th place, bottom of my list, is the "Simple cleansing wipes" by Simple. I used to use these wipes a lot before, mostly because of laziness and I regret this. I don't find them effective, they don't remove much make-up, my skin feels tight and dry after using them, but the most annoying thing is that they make you think they are natural wipes, but actually they also contain nasty ingredients like many other big brands. I have them in my cupboard and use them only for "emergencies".

So this is it for now guys, I apologise for not blogging much recently but as soon as I'll be "box free" in my new place, I will be back blogging regularly and make more video tutorials :)

Hope this post will give you some ideas for new brands to try. Please let me know with a comment below which one is your favourite cleanser!
Baci xx


  1. great post :-) i've juct clicked on the cleansing gel as i'm intrigued

    1. Hello :)
      Thank you so much! The Akin one it's a really nice cleanser and the fragrance it's lovely and relaxing.

      Ila x

  2. I've not heard of the brand Manufaktura before, but the cleanser sounds great! I'm using a Soap & Glory one at the moment and love it. Your post has definitely given me a few ideas for the next one I try though.

    Hannah x

    1. Hey Hannah! Good tip, I have never used the Soap and Glory one, I must try it :)

      Ila x

  3. Nice picks - I love the Bioderma cleanser. It’s very gentle and removes makeup well x

    1. Hello! Thanks for leaving your comment :)
      I do love Bioderma too, so effective and really gentle on the skin!

      Ila x

  4. Great post..





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