February 02, 2014

My top 4 favourite skincare & haircare products

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream SPF15, 
Bioderma Crealine TS H2O, Bodyshop coconut lip butter, 
Wella Sp Luxe Oil.

The beautiful side of being a freelance Make-up artist is that you don't need an excuse to buy new products everyday because it's part of your job keeping up to date with the new products on the market. Even if your purse is crying for the whole month, you fell you can justify it because you are just doing your job!

Well this is where I have been in the past few weeks ladies: doing lots of make up, learning new skills, meeting talented people but mostly trying new fantastic products.
And what a better occasion to write a review about my most favourites skincare and makeup products of the last months! Since there are going to be a good number of products to be mentioned, I have decided to divide this post in 2 parts.

First part it's going to be Skincare & Haircare top 4:

1) Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream SPF15:

I have been loving this cream from day 1. It's a lovely settled scented rose moisturiser, with a really light texture that absorbs into your skin super quickly and easily. I use it as a daily base before applying my foundation because it makes my face feel nourished and refreshed whilst also giving my face a beautiful glow.
The down side is the low SPF, however at the moment here in England it's no time for shades yet, so it's great as an everyday moisturiser.

2) Bioderma Crealine TS H2O Micelle Solution:
As a beauty blogger I trust bloggers and their beauty reviews. Now if sooooo many people have been raving about this cleansing water, there must be a reason. The reason is that is AMAZING.
I have finally managed to find this precious product in London and I couldn't wait to try on my skin. It's an effective, light cleansing water that removes completely your make up without leaving any tension or dryness on your skin. I must say it's the best make up remover I have ever used and I can't recommend it enough.

3) Bodyshop coconut lip butter:
I was given this by my beloved husband to be as a Christmas stocking present and a now I can't stop using it!
It has a thick creamy texture with a very yummy coconut flavour that leave your lips very soft and smooth and I find it ideal to use it before bed time.

4) Wella-SP-Luxe-Oil:
I have been using this hair oil for months and only now that it's coming to an end I realise how much I like it (always the same story hey?). It has a lovely sweet fragrance and you need only 2 drops of oil for a healthy, soft and silky hair for days! What I like about the protective hair oil is that it's not too greasy and it feels like you have healthier hair straight away...magic!

So that's it for now for the 1st part of my favourite skincare products of the last couple of months.
The 2nd part will be up soon, so stay tuned ladies :)

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share and leave a comments below. Let me know which one is your best product of the month.


  1. I love those Body Shop Lip Butters, the coconut one is so yummy! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Hello beautiful!
      Thanks for passing by :)
      I really like the too, it's a lovely flavour and i like the consistency.

      Ila x

  2. I keep meaning to pick up one of the Bodyshop lip balms, they sounds so lovely!

    Hannah x

    1. Hey Hannah,
      this was my first time with these lip butter and I am so happy I have tried them (coconut one it's my favourite).

      Ila x

  3. Love the coconut lip butter too.


    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your comment :) I love them too! what's your favourite one?

      Ila x

  4. I love the body shop lip butters! Im a bodyshop addict and also a coconut one..


    1. Hello Lace :)
      I really like to Bodyshop too! what's your favourite product?

      Ila x

  5. Great post..





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