July 27, 2013

The Liebster Award

Ladies and Gents, I am very excited to announce that The Cleanser has been nominated not once but twice for the Liebster Award ( Thank you Fify and Olivia) I feel so happy and grateful that you guys follow and like my blog and that you want to know more about the person behind The Cleanser. So here are the questions /  answers from the lovely Fify who nominated me first :)

1) What made you choose your blog name and/or theme?

I have been following beauty blogs and watching beauty videos on You Tube for quiet a while now, getting more and more interested in natural and organic beauty products but I always felt curious to know why readers and bloggers not often question what there is behind big brands and the products ' ingredients that we use daily. So what a better way to learn more myself than starting a blog about it? And this is why I've called it "The Cleanser": Cleanser is an essential beauty product that we all use to clean up impurities from our skin as in my reviews i try to give a wider picture of the products I am using, talking about the ingredients and the effects they have on our body.

2) Post a photo of what your day has been like today.

Me and Pru (Prudence) my new kitty cat.

Me and my boyfriend just got a little kitty cat from the Battersea Rescue Center on Sunday. She is a 2 years old gorgeous black cat, with the sweetest big eyes I ever seen and a very loving temperament. She is just settling down in her new family and she needs lots of attentions so this is how I am spending my time outside work at the moment :)
For me it's such an amazing feeling having a pet in my daily life again. I have a gorgeous beagle back at home in Rome (Her name is Rasi), who is living with my parents and I miss her like crazy all the time.

Rasi chilling on a hot day in Rome.

3) What's your favourite post you've written on your blog so far and why?

My favourite blog post written so far is the "Beauty and make up tutorial:nearly 60 years distance, spot the difference!". It's a different blog post from the usual products review and i really really enjoy reading more about it and write it to share it with you guys!

4) What does your dream day look like?

A dream day..mh i guess it's chilling in a park on the river, with the sun shining, some yummy things to eat and drink, a good book and of course my other half ...that is a typical day that would make me really happy.

5) What was the last film you watched?

I think it was "My sister's sister". It's a quiet enjoyable movie, I remember wanting to watch it in the cinema but missed it.

6) Who is your favourite blogger right now and why?

I discover great blogs everyday and I have my favourites but there is one that I love reading not only for the contents but for the way that is written and the lovely pictures, and that is Ziba's Blog. Her blog posts are always full of very useful information and I find it very enjoyable and easy to read.

7) Name 3 things you've always wanted to do in life.

- The first thing I always wanted to do is to move to England and live in London, settle there and find my dream job and share all with a special person..which is luckily what has happened :)

-The second thing is travelling the world..Learning more about other cultures through food, art, music and traditions..well for this one there is still a lot to see and I hope I can travel more in the future.

-The third may sound a bit corny but it's to have my own family. (This one I am working on ;)

8) What's your proudest achievement in life so far? (ha sounds like an interview!)

My proudest achievement is moving to London 6 years ago, away from my family and friends and having the strength and the patience to pursue my passion which luckily enough now is my daily job. It has been quiet hard and involved lots of work ( I guess like everybody ) but all has been repaid back now.

9) If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Mh this is a very difficult one.. for sure I would like to see more altruistic people. I really dislike having to deal with people sometimes that walk all over other people to achieve what they want without any principles or morality.

10) Who's your inspiration?

I haven't got one person, but I do feel inspired by all those people who fight for their dreams, who don't give up and always try to achieve something in life, whichever thing is.

11) What are your blogging goals for the next year, if you have any?

I would love to keep being followed and share products ideas and suggestions with as many of you as possible.

And this was me :) As Liebster Award tradition wants, it's my turn now for some nominations and some questions (yay!)

Here are the fantastic blogs I am nominating ( I know there should be 11 but at the moment I have these 8 ) :
And here are my questions:

1) What brought you to start a blog?

2) Beauty product you can't live without?

3) What 's your favourite blog?

4) 3 things you love to do in your free time.

5) If you could choose a city to move in for a while, which one would it be?

6) Would you like to make your blog your daily job? if yes, why?

7) Have you got a favourite make up artist?

8) Which types of blogs do you prefer reading ?

9) What are your blogging goals for the next year, if you have any?

10) Favourite book you have read in the last 6 months?

11) Dream job: what is it and why ?


  1. I absolutely LOVED reading this Ila, we're really likeminded it's crazy. First off, My Sister's sister is such a great film - me and my other half got really into mumblecore films (films that are super low budget but are still great story lines) and this was up there with the best of 'em!

    Also, SO happy you have a little black kitten in your life. I also have a black cat, and it quenches that desire to have kids so young because he's like my little baby ;)

    and lasty, couldn't agree more on the altruism front. So many people in this world are fierce, trying to get ahead it makes me mad. Life's too short to cut past people (especially in jobs! people do anything for money)

    Rant over. Loved hearing your answers. Now onto checking out these lovely blogs you've recommended.

    Take care!

    1. What an amazing comment you left, thank you :) I know reading your blog and looking through the pics you post I really have the same feeling!
      I have seen your black cat, so gorgeous and I am so happy to have the little Prudence in my life now.
      Completely agree, life is too short to cut paste people, but how to explain this to them?
      Anyway thanks again for the nomination and for giving me the chance of writing this post and let you know more about myself!

      Ila x

  2. Ila!! I was so honored to have been nominated by you for the Liebster award and now I find that you've mentioned my blog as your favorite?!! Ah, thank you so much! You have honestly brightened my day!! *big grin* :D

    I've done the Liebster award before so I will instead respond to all your questions here. I have to run off somewhere for now, but I'll respond to them in a little bit.

    I must say, your cat is soo cute! I am a cat lady myself but I also love dogs, and I know how being separated from your beloved pet can be so difficult! I also smiled at reading about the three things you want to do in your life and encouraging people to follow their dreams. Wonderful!

    Okay, I'll be back in a bit to answer your nomination questions. Kisses!! xo

    1. Aww Ziba! such a pleasure for me to mention your blog!
      I know I am really a dog person too, but mostly I love all the animals and they make such a huge difference when they enter in my life, like the little Prudence in this case :)
      I'm glad you got that from my answer, always encouraging people to follow their dreams otherwise life would be so much more sad.
      Thanks for passing by and taking time to answer here!

      Ila x

    2. Hey Ila! I am looking forward to seeing more pics of your cat Prudence!

      Ok, here are my answers to your questions :)

      1) What brought you to start a blog?

      I started my blog as a way to add an interactive and lively dimension to my online beauty business. But honestly, the blog has taken a life of its own and now I blog about beauty just for the love of it! Which is something so unexpected and surprising to me!

      2) Beauty product you can't live without?

      Floral rose water spray! I really really need to dedicate a post about how much I loooove floral rose water!!!

      3) What 's your favourite blog?

      I love so many!! You know every blog has their own unique voice and personality and knowledge to offer. Even blogs that aren't new and not yet well known, I love to visit them and read them. One blog that really inspired me is one that's actually been abandoned for a long time now, which makes me sad. But I still visit it from to time hoping that the blogger will come back and update it :D (the blog is http://oolalavintage.blogspot.fr/)

      4) 3 things you love to do in your free time.

      - Read! Books, magazines, blogs, anything!
      - Yoga
      - Go for a long walk

      5) If you could choose a city to move in for a while, which one would it be?

      San Francisco... and this may actually happen very soon.

      6) Would you like to make your blog your daily job? if yes, why?

      YES! Researching about beauty, health and wellness, sharing that information with others AND getting paid for it? It would be an absolute dream!!!

      7) Have you got a favourite make up artist?

      Way Bandy, a celebrity makeup artist from the 80s because he is so inspirational

      8) Which types of blogs do you prefer reading ? Blogs with soul! Blogs that aren't just about the blogger, but obviously a blog that is there for the benefit of helping other people.

      9) What are your blogging goals for the next year, if you have any? Bring in knowledgeable guest bloggers and interview beauty gurus!

      10) Favourite book you have read in the last 6 months? Orlando by Virginia Woolf

      11) Dream job: what is it and why ? Run a proper beauty shop filled with amazing cosmetics!! It's really all I think about.

      Thanks again for the nomination and the mention, Ila. Honestly, this past month I've been so busy with getting my life in order and I've gotten away from blogging, but this has helped to spark my love for beauty and blogging again. Much love! xxoo

    3. So nice reading you answers :) I know what you mean, time seems flying away sometimes and it's difficult to combine thing you want to do all together!
      Looking forward to read more posts by you lovely x

      Ila x

  3. You sound like a lovely person :)

    llh x

    www.lauralouisehaynes.com MAC giveaway if you are interested :)

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me! It's always interesting to find out more about the person behind the reviews :) xx

  5. Nice post.





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