May 09, 2013

A fresh new start

Staring at a blank page thinking how to start your first blog post is exciting and daunting at the same time but once you start typing it all comes very naturally and you surprise yourself how enjoyable and simple can be..

Right! As a 30 years old woman (ok yes I am cheating again I am not 30 yet but I am nearly there now) I can see how my whole perception of beauty and beauty products has changed with the years...

I remember the old days when I used to go to sleep sometimes without even removing my make up off because very lazy and have that naivety to think that whichever beauty products I was going to use, it would not affect my skin too much in the future...well I was WRONG! Ahrg!

* This is a personal recommendations to the younger generation who may read this post one day: when it's late in the evening and you come back home thinking that you are too tired, or too lazy, or too drunk or... ( yes ok you got it ) to remove your make up off and have a nice hydrating clean face before you go to bed..think twice!! *

So being more and more interested and intrigued in discovering natural beauty products that not only could make me look nicer but also be beneficial for my body, I've started reading more in depth about brands and the ingredients used and this is the reason why a new blog which says all in the name:


I will use this space to review natural and organic beauty products (from both popular and not too popular brands) giving my personal experience, going in detail about products ingredients and hopefully share it with many of you who are into using good products, so to exchange opinions, ideas and hints for a better and healthier body.

Ah! Before I forget! In this blog I will be writing and reviewing also about Italian brands in English and Italian (since is my first language ) and I will make sure I can share and make you discover in this way new products you didn't know about before and where to find this will be hopefully a double community!

Ok as first post I think I can stop happy new start and happy new blog :)

Ila x


  1. Congrats on starting your blog!!! It's a fun adventure :D And yeah, I agree... a message to the young ones, even if you are too drunk and even black out, don't go to sleep without cleansing your face!!!

  2. Hello Ziba, thanks for passing by and leaving your comment!
    Yes that was certainly a comment for a young myself too ha ha :)

    Ila x

  3. We totally agree - our skin needs to be able to breathe and relax as we sleep and it can't do that with makeup on! Can't wait to read some of your reviews - we love discovering new natural and organic brands.

  4. Hello hello,
    That's great I am very please you found my blog.

    Ila x

  5. Awesome post..



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