May 29, 2013

Relaxing time with Organic Surge spiced lily foaming bath

Organic Surge Spiced Lily foaming bath

May 24, 2013

Does your nose smell rose? Anatomicals body cleanser review

Anatomicals body cleanser in Rose and Lime fragrance.

May 20, 2013

A touch of spring with Neve Cosmetics eye shadows

Neve Cosmetics minearl eye shadows in "Primavera" and "Chai Tea"
May 17, 2013

The Shea Butter Body Silk from NOUGAT London...thumbs up or thumbs down?

Nougat London Shea Butter Body Silk, Tuberose & Jasmine.

May 13, 2013

Pampering with Liz Earle Cleans&Polish

Since I moved to London over 6 years ago, I have been having this polygamist relationship with the city  where, despite the fact it cheats on me, I am still completely in love like the first day I saw it. 
One of the many good things of living here it's the fact that I can cycle to work..
I love cycling, I really do.. for so many reasons like re-creating a daily bond with the nature, it stresses me less than taking transport and it keeps me healthy (with the last sentence I am not counting the fact that I indulge in cakes and chocolate thinking "yeah I'll burn it off cycling" and I never do....).
There are also bad aspects of cycling to work too, like sometimes being stuck in the traffic surrounded by cars (pollution? what am I moaning about I have been living in Rome for 23 years ?) and having often dry skin because the wind/rain/cold etc..

Da quando mi sono trasferita a Londra piu' di 6 anni fa, ho iniziato questa relazione poligama con la citta', dove nonostante mi tradisca giornalmente, io continuo ad amarla come il primo giorno che l'ho vista..
Una delle cose piu' belle nel vivere qui, e' la possibilita' di andare a lavoro in bicicletta...lo adoro per moltissime ragioni: per il fatto che riesco a ricreare un legame con la natura giornaliero, per il fatto che lo trovo meno stressante del prendere mezzi di trasporto e per il fatto che riesce a mantenermi in forma (con l' ultima frase cerco di non pensare alle volte mi vizio con un pezzo di torta o mangiando cioccolata, ripetendo tra me e me " vabbe' tanto poi queste calorie le brucio" e non succede mai..)
Ci sono pero' anche degli aspetti negativi nell'andare in bicicletta a lavoro: come quando sono incastrata nel traffico circondata da macchine (inquinamento? ma di che mi lamento che ho vissuto per 23 anni a Roma?), o anche avere la pelle del viso molto secca cause vento/freddo/pioggia etc..

May 10, 2013

Spring shine with Burt's bees lip shimmer

Is there anything better than having a lip balm and a lip shimmer together which is natural, made of beeswax with a cooling menthol feel? nope! I don't think so..                                                                                       
Esiste qualcosa di meglio che avere un lucido e balsamo per le labbra messi insieme, che sia naturale, fatto di cera d'api e che lasci una sensazione di mentolo sulle labbra? no!non credo proprio..
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in "Champagne"

May 09, 2013

A fresh new start

Staring at a blank page thinking how to start your first blog post is exciting and daunting at the same time but once you start typing it all comes very naturally and you surprise yourself how enjoyable and simple can be..

Right! As a 30 years old woman (ok yes I am cheating again I am not 30 yet but I am nearly there now) I can see how my whole perception of beauty and beauty products has changed with the years...

I remember the old days when I used to go to sleep sometimes without even removing my make up off because very lazy and have that naivety to think that whichever beauty products I was going to use, it would not affect my skin too much in the future...well I was WRONG! Ahrg!


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